Stark Collection

The collection takes inspiration from the season of Winter itself; embracing the bleak, barrenness of Winter, and drawing parallels from the harshness of the global recession and the stark economic austerity affecting many.

Charcoal grey, ink black, and off-white shades make up the sober palette, interjected with optimistic flashes of metallics. Empty, minimalist shapes and bare winter trees, signify nothingness and lack.

Utilising traditional, primitive printing methods, such as potato and lino printing, many of the graphic elements of the collection represent the “back to basics” nature of the “cutting back” mentality. Pop-art inspired milk-bottles are an ironic nod to controversial political policies, whilst monochrome photographs of nature represent the hardships of life.

In contrast, the deer, an animal long associated with Winter, represents confidence, grandeur, and the majesty of nature. A recurring feature in the collection, the deer uniquely embodies both luxury and simplicity, and is a reminder of the inevitable anticipation of Spring.

Each garment is hand-made in Manchester, using luxurious Organic cotton, hemp and bamboo fabrics, and the pieces are manufactured in very small runs, meaning that every T-shirt is an exclusive, limited edition piece.