Born in Manchester, England, our roots are threaded deep into the creative heart of the cotton city – Cottonopolis itself.
Drawing on our city’s rich creative and industrial legacy, our garments are influenced not only by the artistry and innovation pulsating through our streets, but by the beauty we see in relics of bygone ages which give us a glimpse into England’s past. 
Our respect for our industrial heritage is reflected in the work-wear elements crafted into our clothes.
We love taking inspiration from antique garments, especially men’s uniforms and overalls. 
Our name stems from the hard-wearing “run and fell” seam stitched into heavy-duty denim garments.
We believe in ethical garment production and quality workmanship, which is why we choose to use local suppliers and manufacturers to create our goods.  
RUN&FELL. Made in England.


Our creative process begins with a t-shirt; a blank canvas.
We develop a new concept each season, often inspired by current political or social issues, and draw together ideas and images which communicate the ethos and the mood for the season.
Conveying our thoughts through print designs, be it pictoral representations, all-over statement prints, or bold slogans, we aim to provoke conversation and stimulate debate.
We like to do things properly. We source organic fabrics, and select them for their quality and "feel appeal".
We cut and sew each garment here in Manchester, England. We collaborate with local businesses to apply the print designs using both traditional screen print methods and digital printing technology.
Our aim is to avoid exploitation across our supply chain, so that our customers can be confident that their clothing has been made fairly and made well.
RUN&FELL Brand Philosophy Our Commitment