Cotton T-shirt with "joke shop" disguise print, embellished with diamanté studs.

Sizing Chart

SMALL    36 inches / 91 centimetres
MEDIUM       38 inches / 96 centimetres
LARGE    40 inches / 102 centimetres
Product Details:
This T-shirt has been constructed from a lightweight, cream, soft 100% cotton jersey.
It has been meticulously cut and sewn by hand in Manchester, England.
Part of our "Disguise" collection, the front features a monochrome digital print.
A political statement, the print has been created to question the portrayal of various themes in politics and the media.
Phrases such as "Waste disguised as wealth", "Slavery disguised as freedom" and "Racism disguised as patriotism" indicate the way issues are spun and perspectives are warped for political gain.
The design depicts an easily recognisable "joke shop" disguise with glasses, nose and moustache. This suggests concealment and deception.
The "glasses" feature diamanté studs, adding to the notion of how the truth in political and social issues can be glamourised and embellished.
- Scoop neck - 
 - Rear stitched seam detail -
- 100% Cotton - 
- Made in England -