Don't Shoot.

Posted by Naomi Jackson on

This is our reaction to recent world events. The hunting and killing of Cecil the lion has caused (no pun intended) major uproar; we think this shooting is ridiculous. We hate the fact that Cecil was shot. It was a pointless act.

But we are painfully aware that there are even worse crimes against human life taking place across the globe. And we wanted to communicate a message through this limited edition design, made and printed in our Chelsea Pop Up shop.

With a nod to the "Je Suis Charlie" slogan and logo adopted by people angered by the 7th January 2015 Charlie Hebdo massacre in France, we wanted to create a statement t-shirt which embodied our interpretation of the world around us. 

And our message is this: DON'T SHOOT. 

Enraged by the events we read about and see on our television screens, be it the events in the USA in Ferguson, the Charleston shooting, the Tunisian beach massacre, or the genocide brought about by ISIS, to mention just a few, we wanted to communicate a message of peace.

All life is precious. So when we say "Je Suis Cecil", (in English, "I am Cecil") we are calling for a greater respect for life. 

The t-shirt was our most popular "design of the day" which we made and printed in-store in the pop-up shop. We proudly displayed it in the shop window, and had customers stopping on the street, and coming in the shop having seen it whilst travelling past on the bus.  


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