Heart Collection

In joining forces with the British Heart Foundation for their Ramp Up The Red campaign fashion show, the human heart became the starting point for the concept behind these designs.
Vibrant and varied, the palette represents the vivacity of life. Each T-shirt, a plain, off-white “canvas”, features a different artwork centred around the heart. The print designs take inspiration from various global forms of arts and crafts from different cultures. Cross-stitch designs and Mexican quilt-inspired patterns featuring heart-shaped emblems represent a fresh take on traditional heirloom crafts, handed down through generations of family.
The heartbeat is represented through abstract interpretations, such as an antique door knocker, and a gold necklace emblazoned with the insignia “Boom”. A metro map signifies the vitality of the heart, whilst a heart-shaped rose symbolises the beauty and fragility of life.
Determined to ensure ethical production, each RUN&FELL garment is hand-made in Manchester, using luxuriously soft organic cotton and bamboo jersey. The pieces are manufactured in very small runs, meaning that every T-shirt is an exclusive, limited edition piece. The garments are printed locally using digital printing methods, giving photographic quality to the print designs.